Business Class Podcast Production

When it comes to making podcasts for businesses, one metric matters above all others: does the podcast work for the business?

When you choose Simpler Media, your new business-first podcast will be launched quickly and produced efficiently, with our team taking care of all the things you don't want or need to learn about podcasting. We know the formats that work, the tools that matter, and the current best practices to get you and your business in front of your prospects or customers with a podcast that meets your business goals and objectives each and every day.

Fully-managed, ongoing production starting at $988 per episode includes:

  • Guest management, from scheduling to sharing
  • Live remote engineering so you can focus on the conversation, not the tech
  • Fully edited, produced, mixed, and mastered audio to broadcast standards
  • Transcripts for apps and listeners
  • Audiograms perfectly sized for social sharing
  • Custom episode notes and marketing copy
  • ... all managed and uploaded to your accounts for you
  • (pricing example for twice-monthly release for six months)
An image of code and glasses, because that says podcasting, right?

Bespoke Podcast Production Services

Don't let a lack of internal resources stop you from having the perfect podcast for your company. Our talented podcast developers and editors will work closely with you to craft the podcast for your brand that tells your story and engages your audience at every turn.

From three-episode pilots to multi-season arcs, we can provide quality hosts, story & script development, detailed audio engineering, and everything else to give your brand a showcase-level and award-worthy podcast that sets you apart from your competition.

  • Developmental fee of $6000, with 50% applied toward production credit
  • Typical per-episode pricing of $2500–$5000 (includes multi-episode discount)

Cool studio setup. Of couse, it's over kill for podcasting. But it does look impressive.

Strategic Podcast Consulting Services

If you've questions about today's podcasting journey, we can help. Listener experience modeling, equipment budgeting, format concepting, distribution channel selection, practical monetization strategies... we're here to help you achieve your goals/dreams with your next (or current) podcast.

• Consulting sessions start at $550 for 2 hours

Not that Google Play is a good source for podcasts, but here you have it.

Why Choose Simpler Media's Podcast Strategies and Solutions?

Because launching and managing a successful podcast takes time, effort, and institutional knowledge. You need a professional podcast team in your corner that knows the ins and outs of all things podcasting. Here are a few reasons why we're the podcasting experts you are looking for:

October 14, 2004

That's how long Evo Terra -- founder of Simpler Media -- has been podcasting. In fact, he produced the 40th podcast. Ever.

Podcasting for Dummies

Evo is the author of Podcasting for Dummies, the number-one best-selling how-to book on Podcasting. If you have a copy, he'll sign it for you.


Evo launched his first podcasting business back in 2005, using podcasting technologies to disrupt book publishing.

Professional Approach

From Hindenburg Pro to high-quality remote recording tools to business-class project management, every service/software used is solid, serious, and meant for business.

Proven Process

Though we're always testing new approaches, we rely on proven podcasting processes and methodologies we've developed to save us time and you money.


Most podcast consumption today starts and stops with audio on a mobile device. Everything we do is focused on that reality rather than chasing the latest fasionalbe trends.

Hi. I'm Evo Terra.

I'm the CEO of Simpler Media Productions and a Hall of Fame podcast strategist with two decades of experience in business operations in or adjacent to the C-Suite under my belt. I'd welcome the chance to get to know more about you, your podcast, and the outcomes you're looking to find via podcasting in 2023... and beyond.

But I don't do this all myself. The amazing Allie Press ensures everything goes of for our client without a hitch. Emily Malterre uses her engineering prowess to make our clients and their guests sound amazing. Award-winning producer Sam Walker uses her vast experience to help clients tell a story that people don't want to stop listening to. And a range of other pros from the podcast industry provide their services as needed, from professional design to custom scoring and much more.

I look forward to speaking/chatting/videocalling with you soon. Cheers!